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Green Latrine's Animal Crossing Textures

Diamonds 1

If you're reading this, you mostly likely got this link off of the forums of Animal Crossing Ahead (AXA). Anyway, this is where I display my custom Animal Crossing textures.  Some of these I made myself, and others I copied out of books or video games.  For those of you who have no clue what textures do for Animal Crossing, allow me to give a quick description.
Within the game, there is a shop where you can design textures to place on many things. Some of these places include:
;  The system uses a 32 x 32 grid.  Each block in the grid represents a pixel.  Above each of my textures is a "thumbnail" that shows exactly what the picture I drew in the grid will look like when it's applied in Animal Crossing. 
And if you don't know what Animal Crossing is, go find out now!

Newest Textures:   
Video Games:   8 additions to the F-Zero category (2/20/03)
Comics:  Venom  (7/31/02)
Automobiles:  Mitsubishi (8/26/02)
Corporate:  Trojan (9/8/02)
Misc:  Godzilla (9/15/02)
UPDATE (2/20/03): Finally, an update for 2003!  I've been pretty busy, and haven't had time to make many new patterns.  Just deal with what I have.  :-P  My F-Zero t-shirt section is coming along great, and I only need to make eight more to complete the set! 


Textures in .PNG format

Video Game Textures

Comic Book Textures

Automobile Textures

Corporate Logo Textures

Miscellaneous Textures

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