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Miscellaneous Textures
(Scroll down for credits)

Godzilla head

The Hurricane (WWE Superstar)

Bling Bling, mo fo!

My opinon on those who do nothing but Mario World rips

Green Latrine logo (I can have my own logo, damnit! :-P)

Tripod "broken link" picture

The band 311's logo

Admiral Ackbar: "It's a trap!"

Naked Lady Mudflap


Tatooine sunset

Boba Fett's shoulder emblem

Rebel Alliance logo

Galactic Empire logo

"Rated M for Mature"

Godzilla: From the Mario Paint book.

The Hurricane: A logo from a t-shirt at was my referance.

Bling Bling: I was in a weird mood when I made this one.
Typed the word and dollar sign in WordPad, then drew them into the grid.

"Rips Suck": Mario head from the Mario Paint players guide.
Inspired by the dozens of "artists" who make nothing but Super Mario World sprites.

Green Latrine logo: I altered the Green Lantern logo just a bit.
I ripped off Green Lantern's I ripped off his logo!

Naked Lady Mudflap: I couldn't find any pics on the net, so I paused
"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" at a scene where a truck had the mudflaps,
and drew it with that as a referance.

Ackbar: I forgot where I found the Ackbar picture I used as a referance...

Tatooine sunset: I drew that 100% freehand.

Boba Fett's symbol: With help from a Ken Steacy painting of Fett from an old issue
of Star Wars Galaxy magazine (no digital image available)

Rebel and Imperial Symbols: With help from a Star Wars Technical Journal magazine.

Rated M for Mature: From the instruction manual of an M rated game.