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Video Game Textures
(Scroll down for credits)

(Custom F-Zero Jerseys)

Soul Edge

Soul Calibur

Dr. Mario Viruses

Super Smash Bros. Melee symbol

Team Fire Emblem SSBM icon

Mr. Game & Watch SSBM icon

Team Pokemon

Kirby SSBM icon

Donkey Kong SSBM icon

Ness SSBM icon

Samus SSBM icon

Captain Falcon SSBM icon

Yoshi SSBM icon

Ice Climbers SSBM icon

Team Mario SSBM icon

Team Star Fox SSBM icon

Team Zelda SSBM icon


Storm Trooper

Pac Man and Blinky

Statue Mario

Darth Vader

Battletoads Logo

Ganon from A Link to the Past

Soul Edge and Soul Calibur: My Xianghua figurine came with a Soul Calibur, and my Nightmare figurine came with a Soul Edge...I used these mini swords as my guide.

Super Smash Bros. Icon textures: Created while using the pictures at the Super Smash Bros. official site as a referance.

Viruses: Shrunken down sprites from the Dr. Mario game

Storm Trooper and Darth Vader: Created with the PC game Star Wars Chess as a referance

Statue Mario, Battle Toad Logo, Ganon, Pac Man ghost: Mario Paint Players Guide

Triforce: Original